Our strong breeding line of Black Angus cows is raised here at England Acres on pasture, soaking up the sun and eating grass in our fields for as long as the grass grows through the season.  In winter, when grass is not growing, cows eat hay/forage grown and harvested in our fields.  Our cows are never fed soy, antibiotics, or grain concentrates, and are never given hormones, or steroids to enhance their growth.  Our cows are slow raised to full maturity of 24 months.  These careful feeding and husbandry practices result in delicious beef.  

Our family has been caring for the land at England Acres for over 36 years.  As stewards of the land during this time, we have been dedicated to improving the nutrient density of the soil, which in turn nourishes the lush grass, which is then eaten by the cattle.  We believe this nutrient density is the key to the flavor and nutrition of our beef.   

England Acres beef is processed humanely by a USDA inspected butcher we trust, dry aged, and cut to our exact specifications (or cut according to your preferences, if you pre-order!)

England Acres Beef can be ordered in the following amounts:

  • 30 pound griller pack - includes a selection of steaks, ground, and kielbasa
  • 30 pound sampler - 10 pounds of steaks, 10 pounds of ground, and 10 pounds of roasts
  • 30 pound custom packages
  • Mixed quarter - half from the front and half from the back
  • Side
  • Whole